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Heal Our Land

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

My Dear Brothers and Sisters welcome to the devotion

*Heal our Land O, Lord!!*

So Moses cried out to the Lord, saying, *“Please heal her, O God*, I pray!” (Num.12:13)

Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses, the man of God, who was faithful everywhere in the house of God, the most meek of all men on earth. *"Moses did not listen to them, but the Lord heard"*. The result was that the wrath of the Lord came upon them, and Miriam became a leper like the whiteness of the frozen rain.

Now that Moses knew all that was done, he prayed earnestly unto God, saying, My God, heal her: Although Miriam has spoken against him, he prays in the presence of God for her in the time of her wrath. This is the uniqueness of the children of God. *It is our duty to realize the suffering of others and to pray fervently for them, to stand in the Gap and pray*.

The situation in India today is almost the same as that of Miriam. The nation is faltering. *Death news everywhere*. *Queue even for cremation*. *One side is the shortage of vaccines and the other side is the lack of oxygen*. *Curfews and restrictions everywhere*.

Where are the Moses' who pray like Moses, *"Oh Lord heal our land"*. *If we do not see the state of the nation now we will be blamed*. *Let us raise our hand towards heaven for our people who are suffering from the disease and fighting for their lives in hospitals*. *Let us pray with soul burden*. *Let us not stop praying until the nation get healed*.

*"Oh Lord, heal our nation"* Amen!!

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