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Dec 29, 2021
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Bringing the Left 4 Dead franchise into the present era, Back 4 Blood provides avid zombie hunters the perfect place to tear through undead armies in style. While it’s possible to play the game on your own, it’s far better playing with others, especially friends. But what if your buddies have picked it up on different platforms? Well, then you’re probably wondering whether there’s a Back 4 Blood crossplay mode so you can play with PlayStation, Xbox and PC players in one lobby. Here’s everything you need to know. Does Back 4 Blood Support Cross-Play? The simple answer is yes, Back 4 Blood does support cross-play. You can play through the game’s zombie-slaying campaign with your friends across any system that they play on. You might still be wondering how to get it to work still, however. The good news is that cross-play begins enabled when you boot up the game, so you should be able to invite your friends to your game with no problem. How to disable crossplay Are the console kids getting on your nerves a bit? Or are the PC gamers the ones causing the problem? Either way, switching off cross-platform play is a piece of blood-soaked cake. When you’ve spoken to Phillips and brought up the run menu: You will see that crossplay is enabled at the top of the list. Go to ‘Preferences.’ The last section of the menu lets you choose whether crossplay is on or off. Switch it to off. Finding safe Back 4 Blood Accounts requires investing a lot of personal time. But you can save your time and work for buying Back 4 Blood Accounts from trusted sellers like
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